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You are the next generation of doers, innovators and leaders. Attending CAL gives you hands-on experience exploring and discovering your life’s work, preparing you for a fulfilling career doing what you love. Students at CAL earn a strong foundation for college, career and life. CAL graduates earn more money, gain more economic freedom and make more significant impacts in their communities.

During Junior and Senior years you’ll spend half your school day at CAL.The Center for Advanced Learning makes it possible for bright, engaged teens to become successful professionals in today’s most innovative industries.  Each CAL student’s education is enriched by college-level coursework, hands-on learning, diverse program offerings, and real-world experience.  All students have the potential to apply what they’ve learned at CAL as they move from high school, to college and professional success. Go CAL!

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Designing a pair of shoes from the ground up, and actually holding the finished prototype in my hands, is something I never thought would be possible in high school!

CAL Student


Peeptoe Heel Espadrilles ESSEX High Wedge Platform GLAM Ankle Silver Ladies Strappy Sandals Womens The people of CAL value all types of thinkers and doers: those who can learn from each other; who enjoy working as teams; who are up to the challenge to ask hard questions.  We challenge one another to explore & grow our knowledge beyond rote and compliant course work.


Our minds are freethinking.  Students come from different high schools, representing diverse neighborhoods and families, so they learn to generate unique ideas from multiple perspectives.


Creating solutions to problems requires collaboration.  We work together to explore new ideas, experiment, and persevere.


Sandals Peeptoe Platform ESSEX Espadrilles Wedge Ankle GLAM High Silver Strappy Heel Ladies Womens Above all else, we’re dedicated to working on relevant, real-world challenges.  We learn from industry professionals in our program areas, apply knowledge as interns in real jobs, and activate our professional skills relevant to today’s workplace.


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Meet real and successful entrepreneurs and learn how they built their businesses from the ground up in CAL’s CHANGElab.



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The CAL DMD Program offers you the ability to practice design, animation, digital storytelling, photography and videography using the latest high-tech equipment and technology to produce your final product.


Go Health Sciences


Get prepared for a wide range of health occupations. CAL grads go on to become doctors, nurses and assistants working in hospitals, clinics and medical offices.



Participating in CAL’s Computer Information Systems Program you will learn the fundamental skills of cyber security, computer programming, networking and game design.



Mechanical engineers are designers who create objects that move. The most broad of engineering disciplines, mechanical engineering attracts designers, problem-solvers, managers, producers, and collaborators.

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Go Design2Fab

High ESSEX Strappy Ladies Sandals Silver Platform Wedge Peeptoe Womens Ankle Espadrilles GLAM Heel Design2Fab Lab is a product creation and development program with an emphasis on athletic apparel and shoe wear. Students will focus on market and consumer driven design and will be professionally and academically ready for an internship or entry into a college program

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Your future is waiting. Join CAL now.

CAL in the Portland Business Journal

How a Gresham charter school is preparing the footwear and apparel industry's next generation... Click here for full article
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